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Universities can’t decolonise the curriculum without defining it first

Academics are trying to rid South Africa’s universities of the procedures, values, norms, practices, thinking, beliefs and choices that mark anything non-European and not white as...

Job Vacancy - Dean (Built Environment)

Inscape Education Group seeks a faculty Dean for Built Environment. As Academic leader and expert in this field, the incumbent is responsible for the strategic positioning and...

29 things young designers need to know

Doug Bartow, and his colleagues at id29 share 29 things they think all new designers need to know. Throughout the years, I’ve collected these questions and have tried answering...
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2015 DEFSA Conference

Theme: Ethics and accountability in Design: Do they matter?

The 7th International DEFSA Conference was held in September 2015 and was hosted jointly by Midrand Graduate Institute &  Vaal University of Technology

2013 DEFSA Conference

Theme: Design Cultures: Encultured Design

The 12th National DEFSA Conference took place in September 2013 and was hosted by Vaal University of Technology.  “Design cultures” refers both to the communities of design, but also to the way in which design shapes community – “to design communities”. The designer shapes and is shaped by the communities in which the designer operates. A culture can be defined as any community where members share values, practices, processes and products.

2011 DEFSA Conference

Theme: 20/20 Design Vision

The 11th National DEFSA Conference (and the 6th International DEFSA conference) was appropriately titled 20/20 Design Vision.A total of 23 papers were presented over a two-day period, addressing a range of topics that were pertinent to the conference theme. Of these papers 22 papers were accepted for publication in the conference proceedings.

2009 DEFSA Conference

Theme: "Opening gates, between and beyond design disciplines"

The 12th National DEFSA conference was hosted by the Design Education Forum of Southern Africa (DEFSA) and co-hosted by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU).

2007 DEFSA Conference

Theme: "FLUX: Design Education in a Changing World, endorsed by Icograda"

DEFSA's 5th International Conference in 2007 was held in Cape Town, South Africa between the 3rd and 5th of October 2007. This conference follows on from the conference "Design Education: Tradition and Modernity", hosted by the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India, in March 2005.

2006 DEFSA Conference

Theme: "Redesigning Design Education"

The 8th National DEFSA Conference considered academic papers with regard to restructuring and rethinking the design education landscape, and revisiting the educational responsibility of design education

The Conference took place in September 2006, and was hosted by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth

2005 DEFSA Conference

Theme: "Design Education in a creative economy"

The 7th National DEFSA Conference took place in September 2005 at the South African Reserve Bank Conference Centre, Pretoria.

2004 DEFSA Conference

Theme: "Design, Research and Development"

The 6th National Design Education Forum of Southern Africa (DEFSA) 2004 conference was hosted by the Design Institute of South Africa, a division of the SABS. The 2004 conference was held in Pretoria during June with an exciting and diverse programme that spanned two days.

The 2004 DEFSA Conference broke away from the traditional approach of design educators talking to one another. The focus was on strategic stakeholders talking to educators about their requirements and views on design leadership and clients of design.

2001 DEFSA Conference

Mapping new Territories in Design Education

The 5th National and 4th International DEFSA conference was hosted in 2001 by a group of Gauteng Education Institutions: Technikon Pretoria, Technikon Witwatersrand, University of Pretoria and Vaal Triangle Technikon as part of the first National South African Design Week.

With the support from the Department of Art, Culture, Science and Technology a design exhibition was organised parallel to the 2001 Conference. This exhibition focused on research output within design education and presents examples of value added design input into the South African community.

2000 DEFSA Conference

Theme: "Reshaping South Africa by Design"

The 4th National DEFSA Conference took place in February 2000. For the first time, a large number of individuals from different sectors came together to forge links and develop strategies for promoting design and design education, to the ultimate benefit of South African society.

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