6th SAERA Conference 2018

The SAERA 2018 Conference is scheduled for 22 – 24 October 2018 at Saint George Hotel and Convention Centre, Irene, Pretoria.

Education 01? In search of a new operating system: making education more relevant, responsive and authentic.

How we communicate, how we travel, how we work, how we define social institutions such as the family, how we understand health and wellbeing, how we learn – all these have changed dramatically over recent years and naturally will continue to change going forward. Yet, the way we do education, particularly schooling and higher education, does not seem to have undergone the same rapid transformation. We are still “doing” education and educational research within a system that was developed to supply the nineteenth-century industrialised societies with the human resources to make meaningful contributions to a tightly controlled capitalist economy. We are no longer living in such times, and the challenges we face as a human race have become increasingly complex and ‘wicked’, necessitating us, as educators (in all senses), to think, teach and work differently – but although our research speaks to the need to transform, substantive changes seem difficult to attain.

This begs the question: What is the relevance of education and educational research in times such as these?


You are thus invited to submit an abstract(s) focusing on what you are currently teaching, researching, engaging in, experiencing, struggling with, questioning, analysing or critically thinking about in your own or the broader educational context(s). We call for papers, posters, panel discussions, workshops, round-table discussions or SIG sessions on one or more of the following subthemes:

  • Relevance and authenticity of teaching and learning.
  • Relevance and authenticity of research in various educational contexts.
  • Relevance of current educational systems and policies.
  • Relevant and authentic policies and practice within various educational contexts.
  • Epistemology, ontology and methodology of authentic and relevant education.
  • Relevant teacher education policy and practice.
  • Relevant and authentic experiences of students around access and success.
  • Relevant and authentic curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Relevant and authentic resistance, renewal and transformation within the educational framework.
  • Relevance and authenticity in postgraduate study and thesis supervision.
  • Relevance in language, literacy and learning.
  • Relevant and authentic view on professional educator identity and professional development.
  • Relevant interactions of education and communities.
  • Relevance and authenticity of leadership, management and policy implementation.
  • Relevant and authentic mathematics, science and technology education.
  • Relevant and authentic education systems for social justice.

Important dates

  • Due date for submission of abstracts: 19 July 2018
  • Due date for registrations:6 September 2018
  • Due date for payments and to submit proof of payment:28 September 2018

Please do not hesitate to contact Petra or Bronwyn Lawson should you need more information.

We are looking forward to meet you at the SAERA 2018 conference.

Bronwyn & Petra Lawson
Conference Administrators (SAERA 2018)
E-mail: conferencepl2@gmail.com
Phone: 27 (0) 74 2018 7323

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