Lecturer positions vacant

Inscape Education Group are looking for lecturers in various design fields including Interior / Architecture, Fashion, or Graphic Design, and/or Ideation (Idea Generation) on the various campuses.

Inscape adopts a unique student centered teaching and learning approach aimed at lifelong learning. Our lecturer student ratio is low to ensure individual attention beyond the immediate academic needs of our students. Each lecturer is responsible for making a significant contribution to student progress by establishing a suitable environment, facilitating a culture of learning, imparting knowledge and ensuring appropriate, relevant and transparent assessment processes are implemented and aligned with predetermined academic content, teaching and learning strategies and assessment strategies. Higher Education (HE) lecturers are expected to pursue their own areas of research and develop these in order to contribute to the wider research activities of the institution, and should aspire to have their research published, either in the form of a book or scholarly article.

See attached for detail. For more information please contact recruitment@inscape.co.za

Basic requirements:

  • Masters Degree in relevant area
  • Lecturing experience would be beneficial
  • Excellent written and verbal communication in English
  • Research experience Requirements

Knowledge and experience in:

  • Education and/or industry relevant field – Interior / Architecture, Fashion, or Graphic Design, and / or Ideation (Idea Generation)
  • Organisational practices
  • Professional written and oral communication and interpersonal skills

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