Vacancy - Lecturers in Interior Design

The Inscape Midrand campus is looking for a Full Time Lecturer in Interior Design who meets the following criteria. 

The criteria for such an appointment would be dependent on Qualification, Higher Education experience, and Inscape culture and suitability.  It must also be stresses that this appointment would be a full time appointment and subject to all Inscape employee benefits.

To enable lectures with less experience, and those who are upskilling their NQF qualification we have two appointment criteria.

Associate Full Time Lecturer:

  • Must hold an NQF 7 in a relevant field
  • PGCHE / Equivalent (Have one or be enrolled to do one)
  • Have 2 to 4 years Higher Education lecturer experience
  • Have 2 to 4 years Inscape Lecturing experience

Salary, dependant on the above criteria met, would range between R 24,000.00 and R 30,000.00 Cost to Company.

Full Time Lecturer:

  • Must hold an NQF 8 – 9. Must eventually hold a Masters, therefore must be enrolled for Masters or completing one in the year of employment.
  • Have 2 to 4 years Higher Education lecturer experience
  • Have 2 to 4 years Inscape Lecturing experience (or can be an external appointment if the relevant subject and academic knowledge is not on the campus).   

Salary, dependant on the above criteria met, would range between R 28,000.00 and R 34,000.00 Cost to Company.

If you feel you would like an opportunity to interview for this position, please send an updated CV to 

The core responsibilities of a fulltime lecturer on a campus are to provide academic support and mentorship, to fellow academic lecturers, as well as the student body.  This takes the form of guiding, leading, and motivating both lecturers and students, in the tutoring and delivery of academic didactics.  Making a significant contribution to lecturer and student progress by establishing a suitable environment, and by facilitating a culture of learning, and research.  To offer integrated support to the academic department, through engaging critically with the courseware, the objectives of the relevant outcomes as displayed in the course content, and the output criteria and associated assessment rubrics.  Engaging with the academic department through conversation to address any criteria needing adjustments.

As a lecturer to, impart knowledge, and ensure appropriate, relevant and transparent assessment processes are implemented and aligned with predetermined academic content, teaching and learning strategies and assessment strategies.

Fulltime lecturers are expected to pursue their own areas of research and develop these in order to contribute to the wider research activities of the institution and should aspire to have their research published, either in the form of a book or scholarly article or in further study. 

To engross themselves as part of the campus Tribe, through representation at Inscape Education Group functions.  This position is a fulltime appointment, and should, therefore, require normal office hours, or beyond, dependent on the requirements and opportunities.

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