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My interest and experience in brand building include the design and implementation of brand identity systems, brand alignment and contact strategies. I head Postgraduate Studies & Research at Vega and conduct corporate training, consulting and coaching. I supervise and train on the IIE Vega Master of Arts and the Doctorate in Brand Leadership and am a Research Associate at the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

Dr Carla Enslin

Collaborating online with strangers



Design Education Research

This paper reports on a qualitative case study exploring design student reflections about their experiences of a transdisciplinary online collaboration in a real-world learning project implemented in October 2020. The spread of a global pandemic that caused a primary and rapid shift from a contact-based learning model to fully fledged online teaching marked the year and learning for student participants. Applying an interpretivist paradigm, the researchers thematically analysed reflection essays from a sample of thirty-two design students to expose dominant perceptions.

Paying it forward: Practicing Scholarship of Engagement in Design Education



Design Education Research

This paper reports on a project named Platform 6, which was designed to facilitate teacher development and thereby to develop teachers as scholars. Initiated within the context of Boyer’s Scholarship of Engagement (1991), Platform 6 is a training programme and awareness drive devised for secondary school design teachers on the pedagogy of teaching design thinking and practice.

The exploratory first leg of Platform 6 was limited to a sample of National Senior Certificate (NSC) schools in the Western Cape. Qualitative-exploratory research methodology was employed to gain real world insight about the teaching and learning environment of design teachers in South Africa. It was useful to understand the dynamics of design teaching in grades 10 to 12 in Western Cape schools.

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