Findlay, Pia


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I am a young Industrial Designer with a passion for design, both in practice and theory. After completing my MA Design at the University of Johannesburg at the beginning of 2020, I have continued to co-direct a product design company, Tandem.

Alongside this, I currently conduct research and lecture within UJ’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. I have a strong interest in behavioural design and design ethics as means of understanding how our human nature intersects with the world around us, as well as developing design that aims to serve instead of exploit.

Pia Findlay

Physical meets digital: Advancing industrial design higher education through the incorporation of projection-mapping in undergraduate teaching and learning



Product & Industrial Design

As emerging digital technologies become increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, it is important to evaluate how they can be used both as beneficial tools in the design process and how they can be effectively integrated into higher education pedagogy to enhance teaching and learning processes. As we enter the fast-changing Industry 4.0, students must be suitably and sufficiently equipped with a wide range of skills that Industry 4.0 requires. This includes the “hard skills” of practically using emerging digital technologies, as well as the “soft skills” required to effectively apply these technologies in sustainable and ethical ways.

Designing furniture for the future: Integrating advanced digital technologies into the design process



Interior & Furniture Design

This paper aims to evaluate how teaching and learning can better equip future designers by integrating advanced digital technologies into the design process. During the continuous unfolding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in South Africa, it is important to consider how to advance design curricula in order to prepare design students for an ever-changing working world. Both the South African Department of Trade Industry and Competition and the South African Furniture Initiative have shown increasing interest in cultivating our local furniture industry. This shows potential for re-imagining the pedagogical approach to furniture design, a traditional avenue within Industrial Design, for a local and advancing industry.

Digital design ethics



Design Education Strategy

As a socio-technical field, design has always been intertwined with the industrial revolutions. During the continuous growth of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) in South Africa, it is prevalent for design education to reevaluate what is taught to young designers.

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