Lavelle, Carol


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Carol Lavelle currently lectures in the Department of Fashion Design in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA) at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).   My research activities focus on the need to develop a systematic understanding of the theoretical and practicing manifestations of fashion design that are  underpinned by design thinking, entrepreneurial orientation and fashion systems. This interest recognises that fashion systems are integrated and that issues of raw materials, design, manufacture, distribution, adoption and consumption are all equal in value within the system.

Carol Lavelle

Developing a discourse in fashion design: What is research for fashion design?



Fashion, Jewellery & Textile Design

The concept of fashion has attracted a great deal of interest from a variety of academic disciplines such as history, culture, anthropology, sociology, psychology and semiotics to name a few. This has often resulted in tension between different approaches. At a conference held in England in 2009 concerning the future of fashion studies, a number of fashion scholars such Rebecca Arnold, Christopher Breward, Professor Stella Bruzzi and many others, deliberated on the methodologies and research agendas that have emerged in the growing research area of fashion studies.

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