Mapping A Relevant Education And Training Framework For The Jewellery Sector



Fashion, Jewellery & Textile Design


  • multi-disciplinary education, learning approaches


This paper acknowledges the ongoing process being used in the Jewellery sector to develop an integrated training and development framework. The framework progresses from ABET Level 1 to doctoral qualifications and shows how the various qualifications could link directly to specific occupations within a sector. In doing so, this paper addresses the boundaries between education, training, industry and government. More importantly, it indicates the inclusive process followed to open the gates to enter the new terrain of relevant education and training for sector specific occupations.

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how the South African jewellery sector is aligning education and training within the government’s educational policy.

The aim of the framework is twofold; firstly, to enable the jewellery sector to become globally competitive through a relevant and integrated education framework. Secondly, to enable a seamless pathway for education & training and employment from the entry level worker to high-level occupations and professions.

The various government policy documents are referred to in acknowledging the various frameworks, their problems and the boundaries causing constraints. The presentations and discussion documents from the various Jewellery Industry Training and Career Path Development workshops are the primary source of information regarding the process followed.

The paper ends with the project plan to implement the jewellery sector’s Career and Training Pathway Framework. However, the process followed may surprise some people in higher education and the workplace and could provide other sectors with an approach to mapping their own pathways. 

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