Measures by an advertising company to mitigate the impact of COVID-19: A case study and the Next Normal for design education



Media & Communications Design


  • advertising agency, design education, mitigating COVID-19, Next Normal


This study aimed to identify the measures taken by a large international advertising company to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, and how these measures could be applied to design education. We interviewed a senior business partner of the company and determined the measures they took and their business variables affected by the pandemic. The results show how the pandemic affected interaction between design professionals; how they develop and present their creative solutions and how they brainstorm, collaborate, and remain inspired. The company will not be returning to their previous way of operating, and neither do they see the need to do so. Applying these measures to design education, we must prepare students to work in an isolated online work environment where strong self-management skills are essential. Design education must further consider small online didactical practices and must endeavour to develop students’ self-motivation and self-management skills. Furthermore, students will need a comprehensive knowledge of digital platforms, design software, and workflow systems. Rapid technological changes make it even more critical to prepare students to be active, effective, and independent lifelong learners. Moving design education online will not be without challenges – a digital divide exists, sharply delineating those with and those without readily available access to the internet.

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