Positioning ‘constructivist’ academic research into project-based pedagogical design studies for 4th year Interior Design Degree programmes



Interior & Furniture Design


  • project-based teaching, teaching approaches, learning approaches

The  purpose  of  this  paper  is  to  discuss  the  benefits  of  embracing  constructivism  as  a conceptual  basis  for  the practice of teaching and learning in interior design degree programmes;  namely Bachelor of Technology,  and BA Honours offered at many of the institutions in South Africa.
Deliberation  is  given  to  using  a  constructivist  approach  to  both  teaching  and  learning, and  as  a  research paradigm to better align the research and practical components of these traditionally vocationally-­orientated, project-based design programmes.   
A research  dissertation  structure  is  described  to  support  exit  level  outcomes,  which  are intended  to  equip students with both the research and practical skills and knowledge  to practice in the interior design industry, and simultaneously provide a better academic foundation
for the discipline at an undergraduate level.

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