Pearson Institute of Higher Education (MGI)

Pearson Institute of Higher Education, previously known as Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) was established in 1989 as a private university-level, degree-conferring institution – one of the first of its kind in Southern Africa. We offer 16 undergraduate degrees, lecture-based support for UNISA's Bachelor of Laws degree, three honours degrees and one masters degree within six faculties. All courses are externally examined and moderated by well-qualified academics, public higher institutions, and industry practitioners. All our degrees are registered and accredited.

Every student who enrolls for a 1st year MGI degree or Pre-degree Foundation programme receives a tablet PC, including all course material and electronic textbooks, as part of their course fee. The benefits of TEL include: managing and organising learning easily, access to electronic textbooks (ebooks), being able to learn anywhere, anytime.

Cultivating voice through personal manifesto-making – a strategy for developing accountability, ethics and integrity in tertiary design curricula



Design Education Strategy


There has never been a better time for tertiary curricula to provide a learning framework for the development of personal as well as professional ethics and accountability. Research shows that tertiary education today should address the development and transformation of the self (Mezirow

Team mentoring – a vehicle to foster and encourage ethics and accountability in design education

Creating a Community of Assessment Practice for Graphic Design through the use of E-portfolios



Graphic Design & Visual Art

An area that currently challenges and will continue to challenge design education in the future is that of assessment. Current research in design assessment has identified approaches such as a holistic assessment, designed to evaluate product, person and process (de le Harpe et al., 2009) and authentic assessment both of which move towards a more learner-centered and process concentrated approach. With these changes come new challenges for design educators to substantiate and validate what they do when it comes to the assessment of student work.

DEFSA conferences

DEFSA promotes relevant research with the focus on design + education through its biennial conferences, to promote professionalism, accountability and ethics in the education of young designers

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With your support & active membership, the Design Education Forum of Southern Africa can positively influence the young designer's formative training and promote all facets of design across Africa